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Online Education: The Reality

In an article posted on April 24 in Pandodaily, Franciso Dao laid out a compelling, but also short-sighted argument that technology and education pundits have oversold the potential of online education to the public. He points to the underutilization of existing free educational services like public libraries, and the low completion rates by students participating in online courses as examples of online education’s shortcomings. In particular, he blames the lack of "… a fixed structure and a sense of belonging that come from a student body,” for the low completion rate.

To write off such a democratic and universally appealing service like online education negates the accomplishments made by Sal Khan's Khan Academy, and the efforts of the Open University to increase the quality, and quantity, of its free courses. Moreover, online education is neither standardized nor unified, it is a patchwork of endeavours to offer education to people marginalized by an inability to find or integrate traditional education into their lives.

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