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Icebreakers: Mazes

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PowerPoint File Download:

Icebreaker Mazes - Burn the Negative.pptx


Easy - 10 by 10 orthogonal maze.pdf

Medium - 20 by 20 orthogonalmaze.pdf

Hard - 50 by 50 delta maze.pdf

Description of the icebreaker...

In this activity, participants race against each other to complete a maze.

The Maze Icebreaker is a short and potentially intense activity, which you can use with a small group in a classroom or casual business setting.

The icebreaker combines both a PowerPoint presentation and a set of handouts. It also includes a set of slides on how to conduct the game, and prompts to play audio clips (sound effects and music) throughout the activity.

Rationale for the icebreaker...

Mazes are one of those activities that many people enjoy as a child, but forget about until they introduce the activity to their children.

A complicated maze evokes both the frustration of fumbling through the corners and straightaways, and the joy of completing the journey.

Where the idea for the icebreaker came from....

My four-year-old son loves mazes, and when he is on a maze tear, he can quickly devour through a pile of pricey activity books. In order to keep up with his passion, I decided to search the internet for a maze generator. Luckily, I stumbled across a free generator at http://www.mazegenerator.net, an online application that allows me to ratchet up the complexity and size of the maze as my sons skills evolved.