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Is Microsoft’s SmartGlass technology going to chip away at Digital Piracy?

SmartGlassThis article from the Washington Post offers a great overview of Microsoft’s introduction of its Smart Glass technology. The service will be accessible on the Xbox 360, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and IOS platform.

Smart Glass will allow customers to seamlessly share media between their home, PC, and mobile devices. Sharing content between different devices allows users to buy a movie or televisions show once, then have unlimited and uninhibited access to their purchases.

Led by Amazon, the music entertainment was pushed to remove long standing digital copyright restrictions that locked people’s music to a single eco-system. Apple’s Airplay, Microsoft’s Smart Glass and the popularity of Netflix signals a similar paradigm shift for video content.

Consequently, this move by content and device companies will counteract the rampant use of pirated material on the internet. Some people pirate material because they can, others are willing to pay for content, yet they choose to download pirated material because there are no restrictions on how and when they view it.