Since February, I have added two and a half hours to my daily commute to work. While listening to Audio books made up for some of the reading time I loss due to the new job, it wasn’t enough to catch up on all the books I wanted to read.

While I read biographies, novels and history books on my down time, most of the books I read are self-development and business books. Luckily, my company had a small choice of business book summaries that were available for download, so I looked through the collection and used them to supplement my reading. The only issue was that the summaries were a little long and the selection didn’t speak to my tastes.

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Lifestyles Changes - Food

My family has fallen into a dietary rut. We try our best to cook nutritious meals at home; but lately we are eating more and more processed meals and ordering fast food. We buy vegetables and fruits, but much of the time they go to waste. It is a cycle I have experienced before and promised myself to avoid.

I was overweight in my 20′s, I ate too much sugar, not enough vegetables, no whole grains and everything I ingested was processed. I did not want to pass on these lifestyle traits to my son.

With this in mind, my family is trying to institute some lifestyle changes to promote healthier eating.

1. Create a fixed food budget, and keep it on the low side.

Pay extra for quality ingredients and avoid the cheaper processed meals.

High budget shopping usually ends up with large amounts of groceries that are unhealthy and never get used. Pre-cooked foods and processed meals are convenient, unhealthy, and expensive.

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Avoidance is a condition that has become more prevalent as the stresses of our professional and personal lives magnify our anxieties and fears.

These magnified emotions distort our perception, making us unable to properly balance risks versus rewards.

People refuse to take on an activity or enter into a scenario because their mind is clouded by negative thoughts and perceptions. They believe the end result will leave them vulnerable to embarrassment, criticism, or humiliation.

Even if they had successfully completed the activity before, they still cannot visualize the rewards of completing the task.

Like any bad habit, it can start small and grow into something serious if left unchecked.

Environment is a key ingredient in the development of avoidance.

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Self Reflection

People can mistakenly feel that it is up to others to fix our shortcomings. Without some form of intervention, many people are happy to pretend problems do not exist, and when no one comes running to the rescue they welcome hitting rock bottom.

Once presented with the hard truth, people decline the help because they lack the motivation to go through with it or are turned off because they had no hand in formulating the solutions.

Many times they are insulted by the accusation because it challenges their version of reality. People like easy fixes, but in nature there is no free lunch. People want a quick reward for their work and have a hard time seeing the big picture and the ultimate result of their effort. Other times, the guilt of what they have done stunts the desire to move forward and emotionally drains a person.

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