Guidelines: Email Etiquette - Attachments 

The average corporate desktop computer is a low end machine that has little processing power, a small amount of allocated disk space and a shortage of RAM. Because of this, it does not take much to crash one of these systems.

Opening a large file or a file with an unexpected extension can result in the computer crashing, and consequentially the loss of expensive man hours

By following some simple email attachment guidelines, you can minimize a user's downtime and protect their computers from unexpected crashes.

Limitations and Protections

Corporations manage thousands of users and need to protect the stability of hundreds of servers. To protect these systems, companies limit the amount of available disk space and restrict an average user's privileges. Therefore, this stops users from installing unauthorized applications or opening certain extensions.

Limitations are in place to protect the integrity of your computer and the network as a whole.

Attachment Guidelines

Follow these guidelines before sending any email attachments:

Draft Files - If you are sending files that require a series of approvals from a customer or manager, then send them small low resolution copies for review.

Compressing Files - Most media production and office applications (Video, Audio, and Office Files) allow a user to reduce a file size by removing background pictures and other formatting options.

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Changing Education Paradigms

Changing Education Paradigms (via

In an RSAnimated video titled Changing Education Paradigms, Sir Ken Robinson described how “our children are living in the most intensive stimulating period in the history of the earth”. However, they are becoming more disinterested with school…

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Icebreakers: Mazes

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PowerPoint File Download:

Icebreaker Mazes - Burn the Negative.pptx


Easy - 10 by 10 orthogonal maze.pdf

Medium - 20 by 20 orthogonalmaze.pdf

Hard - 50 by 50 delta maze.pdf

Description of the icebreaker...

In this activity, participants race against each other to complete a maze.

The Maze Icebreaker is a short and potentially intense activity, which you can use with a small group in a classroom or casual business setting.

The icebreaker combines both a PowerPoint presentation and a set of handouts. It also includes a set of slides on how to conduct the game, and prompts to play audio clips (sound effects and music) throughout the activity.

Rationale for the icebreaker...

Mazes are one of those activities that many people enjoy as a child, but forget about until they introduce the activity to their children.

A complicated maze evokes both the frustration of fumbling through the corners and straightaways, and the joy of completing the journey.

Where the idea for the icebreaker came from....

My four-year-old son loves mazes, and when he is on a maze tear, he can quickly devour through a pile of pricey activity books. In order to keep up with his passion, I decided to search the internet for a maze generator. Luckily, I stumbled across a free generator at, an online application that allows me to ratchet up the complexity and size of the maze as my sons skills evolved.


Online Education: The Reality

In an article posted on April 24 in Pandodaily, Franciso Dao laid out a compelling, but also short-sighted argument that technology and education pundits have oversold the potential of online education to the public. He points to the underutilization of existing free educational services like public libraries, and the low completion rates by students participating in online courses as examples of online education’s shortcomings. In particular, he blames the lack of "… a fixed structure and a sense of belonging that come from a student body,” for the low completion rate.

To write off such a democratic and universally appealing service like online education negates the accomplishments made by Sal Khan's Khan Academy, and the efforts of the Open University to increase the quality, and quantity, of its free courses. Moreover, online education is neither standardized nor unified, it is a patchwork of endeavours to offer education to people marginalized by an inability to find or integrate traditional education into their lives.

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